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This is an intensive seminar which will take place over the course of October only.

The focus of seminar activities will be a discussion of students' compositions / performance / production as well as participation in events, workshops, conducting author interviews, festival reports, reviews, etc.

*Meetings will take place off-campus at Hybernska 4, building E, Wednesdays 14:00.

**A preliminary meeting will take place in room 219b of the Philosophy Faculty at 14:00, 27 September. *The first officially scheduled meeting is 14:00 Wednesday 4 October. *HOWEVER student activities will commence already on MONDAY 2 October from 12:00. *Please communicate with Dr Armand to discuss the times at which you are available for student activities.

Students will be encouraged to participate in practical & organisational aspects of the Prague Microfestival / Microlab ( There will also be the possibility of participating in the operations of Equus Press as part of an internship scheme.

This year's seminar will focus on the art of improvisation & will draw upon concepts discussed in Gary Peters' The Philosophy of Improvisation (University of Chicago Press, 2009), among others.

ASSESSMENT 1. attendance 2. active participation in Microlab workshops & events (keeping a regular workshop journal) 3. a piece of writing in an agreed format or an essay on the theory/practice of improvisation (3,000 words, due 30 November 2023)

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