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Naturalism to Postdramatic: Theory and Practice in 20th Century Drama & Theatre: graded paper

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18.2   Maltese Falcon, dir. John Huston (1941)25.2   The Glass Key, dir.

Stuart Heisler (1942)4.3    Double Indemnity, dir. Billy Wilder (1944)11.3   Murder my Sweet, dir.

Edward Dmytryk (1944)18.3   The Blue Dahlia, dir. George Marshall (1946)25.3   The Big Sleep, dir.

Howard Hawks (1946)1.4    The Killers, dir. Robr Siodmak (1946)8.4    Out of the Past, dir.

Jacques Torneur (1947)15.4   Dead Reckoning, dir. John Cromwell (1947)22.4   The Big Steal, dir.

Don Siegel (1949)29.4   Sunset Boulevard, Billy Wilder (1950)6.5    Night and the City, dir. Jules Dassin (1950)13.5   Kiss Me Deadly, dir.

Robert Aldrich (1955)


A critical exploration of the history of post-War British and American experimental cinema, from Maya Deren to

Andy Warhol, Ken Russell, Derek Jarman, Peter Greenaway, among others.

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