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Contemporary Novel: Post-2000

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Based on some 20+ works published since 2015, the course will explore 8 contemporary independent publishers/presses that have worked, over the past 5 years, outside of the mainstream as defined by the Anglo-American publishing industry, publishing radical, experimental, or otherwise “unusual” fiction.

The goal of the course will be not only to cover and evaluate what is currently “out there,” but to produce hands-on critical research on the contemporary publishing scene: reviewing books, interviewing authors/publishers, writing critical pieces on the publishing plan, presentation & “poetics” of selected houses, etc. Final research papers will be framed with view towards its publication online and elsewhere. Work in the seminar includes 3 short reviews on individual novels & 1 longer concluding presentation, covering a selected press, at the final roundtable discussion in January.

The 8 publishers covered include 11:11 Press, Anti-Oedipus Press, Calamari Press, Equus Press, Expat Press, Inside the Castle, Orbis Tertius Press, and Sublunary Editions.