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Irish Language - 8

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The courses which are currently running in the Irish language range from complete beginners´ to the upper intermediate/advanced level. Language training is complemented by variegated samples of Irish culture including place-names, blessings, curses, proverbs and songs. There are six successive one-semester courses. More advanced students are welcome to join an informal conversation circle, which meets on a weekly basis

Irish V and VI aim at broadening the students’ knowledge of Irish in various ways. The classes consist of conversation on various themes, the reading of literary texts, and the focus on selected areas of grammar (the future tense, the conditional, the genitive, relative and content clauses, ways of forming the passive). The course is also suitable for students from Ireland with previous knowledge of Irish.

Please note that the Irish courses offered at our department may not be suitable for Erasmus students from Ireland who have acquired the language through the Irish education system, and that places for such students are limited. Irish students with serious interest in practicing the Irish language in Prague should contact the instructor, Radvan Markus, at

Credit requirements: regular attendance, completion of homework on a weekly basis (typically translations of texts), end of semester assignment (translations into Irish, the writing of short texts)

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