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Professional volunteer experience

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By successfully completing this course, students can enrich their CV with interesting practical experience and an official confirmation of it.

The practical experience is supported by mentor and the student will fill a reflective diary while in the course, helping them contextualize the gained experiences and knowledge for their future professional career.

The course lasts for a total of 65 hours of practical activities and preparations for the given project. The project is conducted by a mentor, who also supervises through regular consultations based on the reflective diary from the practice.

The student should choose a project and contact the assigned contact person. After the contact person and the guarantor of the course agree, the practical course can start, and the course requirements can be fulfilled.

The conditions and individual projects are updated on the respective website here:  


This subject is mostly practical in its focus and offers the possibility to be part of real projects at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University. As part of volunteering professional practice, the students can become involved in activities related to research, education, PR and management in any field or level of study.

Completion of the course is not limited to 1 semester, as is normally described in the Rules for the Organization of Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University. It is possible to apply for the course repeatedly each time with a different work experience.