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English language seminar for teachers II

Class at Faculty of Arts |


The subject is a combination of introduction to linguo-didactic, applied linguistics and practical language seminar aiming to develop advanced language competences at the levels of C1 and C2, using specialist texts on language teaching and acquisition in the form of text-, genre- and content-based approaches to language teaching. The students gain greater command of advanced language forms at the level of grammar, lexis and discourse while encountering key topics and issues in the fields of language teaching and acquisition.

Using short micro-teaching slots on selected aspects of grammatical and lexical features they learn essential techniques of presenting new language and they learn to give and receive feedback. The subject is taught in English. 1.–2.

Conditionals. How do we learn?. 3.–4.

Subjunctives. How do we learn and acquire lexis? 5.–6.

Dependent clauses. How do we learn and acquire grammar? 7.–8.

Inversion. History of language teaching (direct and indirect methods) 9.–10.

Emphasis (including cleft-clauses); History of language teaching (communicative language teaching) 11.–12. Using articles and determiners.

History of language teaching (alternative methods)

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