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Advanced Czech for Foreigners I (Czech writing)

Class at Faculty of Arts |


3 hours per week:

Czech spelling - its principles and basis

Relation between written and oral forms of Czech utterance

Czech spelling rules and their codification

Historical development of Czech spelling

Czech grammar (declination and conjugation) and spelling

Semantics and spelling, common and proper names

Practical use of spelling rules focusing on punctuation

Standard Czech sentence structure including word-order

Czech spelling and foreign words

Formal essay style writing


This class will cover formal and informal Czech language usage. Informal Czech spoken and written Czech in every day usage juxtaposed to formal Czech.

The main focus of the course is formal / standard Czech used in teaching, writing (formal essays and translations), and writing for different audiences. Using Czech language means in everyday practice and teaching Czech for foreign students.

Using Czech language means indicates the use of Czech in every mode of writing in print and non-print media.