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Interdisciplinary Approaches to Language and Its Use I

Class at Faculty of Arts |


The course will consist of short audio-commented presentations (approximately between 5-10 minutes long), tests, obligatory and voluntary readings, complementary materials and exercises. 

Everything is accessible through Moodle: (password "intapproaches").

The topics for this semmester are: 

Biological foundations of language

Language acquisition

Language of adult speakers

Language disorders

Mental lexicon and its organization

Language production

Language processing

Cognitive linguistics (Meaning and categorization, Metaphor. Metonymy. Blendig. Image Schema)

Cognitive grammar

Language and culture

Bilingualism and L2 acquisition


The aim of the course is to introduce the main interdisciplinary approaches in linguistics (mostly empirically or experimentally oriented). The course will integrate findings from psycholinguistics (first and second language acquisition, speech production and perception etc.), cognitive linguistics (cognitive and construction grammar, cognitive semantics), sociolinguistics (language variation, language ideologies) and pragmatics.

The emphasis will be also on the historical contexts of the development of linguistics in 20th and 21st century.