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Interdisciplinary Approaches to Language and Its Use II

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The course will consist of short audio-commented presentations (approximately between 5-10 minutes long), tests, obligatory and voluntary readings, complementary materials and exercises.

Everything is accessible through Moodle (students signed in to the course will get the link to the course together with the password).

The topics for this semmester are:

Pragmatics I: Basic notions and topics (Radek Šimík)Pragmatics II: Conversational implicatures (Radek Šimík)Pragmatics III: Information structure (Radek Šimík)Pragmatics IV: Questions, answers, alternatives (Radek Šimík)Sociolinguistics I. Language stratification (Jan Chromý)Sociolinguistics II. Language variation and accommodation (Jan Chromý)Sociolinguistics III. Language ideologies (Jan Chromý)Discourse analysis I. Critical discourse analysis (Eva Lehečková)Discourse analysis II. Corpus-based discourse studies. (Eva Lehečková)Discourse analysis III. Cognitive discourse studies. (Eva Lehečková)Discourse analysis IV. Multimodal discourse analysis (Eva Lehečková)


The aim of the course is to introduce the main interdisciplinary approaches in linguistics (mostly empirically or experimentally oriented). The course will integrate findings from sociolinguistics (language variation, language ideologies), pragmatics and discourse analysis.

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