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Colonial propaganda in cinematography

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Africa speaks, 1930, Walter Futter (

Untamed Africa, 1933, Wynant D. Hubbard (  

African Visitors to the Tower of London, 1949, Sean Graham (

Journey by a London Bus, 1950, Sean Graham (

Boy Kumasenu, 1950, Sean Graham (

I will speak English, 1954, Sean Graham (

Mr. Mensah builds a house, 1955, Sean Graham (  

L'élite noire de demain, 1950, Gérard de Boe (

En 50 ans, 1958, Gérard de Boe (

Lovanium, 1959, Gérard de Boe (  

Afrique 50, 1950, René Vautier (

Les statues meurent aussi, 1953, Chris Marker, Alain Resnais et Ghislain Cloquet (

Les maîtres fous, 1954, Jean Rouch (  

Borom Sarret, 1963, Ousmane Sembène (

La Noire de..., 1966, Ousmane Sembène (

Xala, 1974, Ousmane Sembène (

Moolaadé, 2004, Ousmane Sembène (

Les tam-tam se sont tus, 1972, Philippe Mory (


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