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Introduction to Czech Linguistics Studies

Class at Faculty of Arts |


Introduction to Czech Language Studies - syllabus:

1) basic linguistic terminology

2) Czech language studies, philology

3) Czech and its place among languages; language classification

4) Typical features of Czech language

5) Stratification of the Czech national language, its definition

6) Standard and non-standard Czech

7) Czech and Moravian dialects and interdialects

8) Language and nation

9) Language cultute theory, Prague School

10) Czech as a mother tongue, foreign and second language

11) Oral and written communication

12) Current issues in modern Czech studies


Introduction lo Linguistic Czech Studies

In the seminar, students will learn the essentials to be developed during their linguistic and Czech studies. This includes basic linguistics terminology, fundamental literature on Czech studies and journals, the works on the most important lectures in Czech Studies. The seminar also focuses on the stratification of the Czech national language and the role and functioning of its structural varieties in communication. We will focus on the typological characteristics of Czech, its basic properties, its place among (Slavic) languages. Students will learn the theory of standard language, including the contribution of the Prague Linguistic Circle, with the relation of language - nation, difference between oral and written communication and European language policy.