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Czech Language in the World

Class at Faculty of Arts |


Sylabus, topics:

1) Introduction to the issues, basic terminology

2) Czech language in the USA and in Canada

3) Czech in South America

4) Czech in Austria and in Germany

5) Czech in Poland and in former Yugoslavia

6) Czech in Rumanian Banat, in Russia and in Ukrauine

7) Czech in other European countries

8) Czech in Asia, Africa and Australia

9) speech of re-emigrants in the Czech Republic

10) teaching Czech abroad, Czech Studies department abroad

11) revision

12) test


Czech in the world - the seminare focuses on issues related to the use of the Czech national language outside its historical location, i. e. as a language of emigrants and colonizers, in the form of lectures, presentations and discussions. The topic to be covered are emigrations, the specifics of Czech compatriot associations in the world, varieties of Czech in selected locations (American Czech, Czech spoken in Vienna, etc.), types of contacts of Czech and related as well as different language codes in the Czech Republic and abroad and their consequences; teaching Czech abroad