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Czech Literature in Film

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The seminar will be taught on-line according to the time specified in the schedule, ie. on Monday 14.10 to 15.40. The platform will zoom: 

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Meeting ID: 937 624 4593  and Moodle: 1.     Introduction, organizational instructions. 2.     Bohumil Hrabal: Perlička na dně. Povídka Smrt pana Baltisbergra. 3.     Bohumil Hrabal: Perlička na dně. Povídka Podvodníci, povídka Fádní odpoledne 4.     Bohumil Hrabal: Perlička na dně.Povídka Baron Prášil 5.     Bohumila Hrabal: Pábitelé. Povídka Automat svět 6.     Bohumila Hrabal: Pábitelé. Povídka Bambini di Praga 7.     Bohumila Hrabal: Pábitelé. Povídka Romance 8.     Bohumila Hrabal: Ostře sledované vlaky. 9.     Bohumila Hrabal: Ostře sledované vlaky. 10.   Milan Kundera: Žert. 11.   Milan Kundera: Žert. 12.   Karel Jaromír Erben: Kytice.


The seminar is designed for STUDENTS OF CZECH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE. It focuses on film adaptations of selected literary works of the XX.

Century Czech writers done by Czech filmmakers. Attention will be drawn to the language, style and composition of the work, but most of all to its message.

We will focus on directing, acting performance, camera, montage and music as means of the film communication.