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Czech Morphology I

Class at Faculty of Arts |


1) Formal and functional morphology, relation between morphology and syntay, basic terminology

2) Criteria for determining parts of speech; transpositions

3) Causes of difficulties in formal morphology of Czech, basic development tendencies

4) The issues of markedness (the relation between form and meaning), standard and non-standard forms

5) Grammatical categories of nouns - gender, number, case

6) Forms and usage of proper nouns, variants

7) Forms and meanings of adjectives, pronouns, numerals

8) Verb - verb classification according to present stem

9) Grammatical categories of verbs

10) Morphemes, morphological analysis

11) Revision; tests


The lectures present the basis of Czech morphology (see the sylabus). The seminar focuses on basic chapters from formal and functional morphology of Czech with the stress on standard Czech by means of presentations, discussions, students´ presentations and exercises.