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Czech Culture and Linerature of the 19th Century II

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1. Nové obzory: generace Májovců (V. Hálek, J. Neruda, K. Světlá)

2. Novoromantismus, ruchovci a lumírovci (J. Arbes, S. Čech, J. Vrchlický, J. Zeyer)

3. Historismus a české dějiny (A. Jirásek, Z. Winter)

4. Realismus, naturalismus a pozitivistická estetika (K. V. Rais, A. Mrštík, K. M. Čapek Chod)

5. Fin de siècle: básnický realismus, impresionismus, symbolismus a dekadence, anarchismus, novoromantismus (J. S. Machar, A. Sova, J. Karásek ze Lvovic, K. Hlaváček, O. Březina, J. K. Šlejhar, F. X. Šalda, J. Zeyer aj.)

6. Katolická moderna, aneb jiné perspektivy (S. Bouška, K. D. Lutinov, X. Dvořák)



The course focuses on literary and cultural development in the Czech lands in the second half of the 19th century, ie it maps artistic changes and movements from the generation of Mayans to the end of the century, ie to the advent of modernity, symbolism and decadence. The explanation will also include excursions into the visual arts, so the course will offer a comparison of literature with fine arts for a deeper, more systematic depiction of the artistic and cultural ferment of the 19th century. Literature and art will also be viewed against the background of contemporary art-theoretical and philosophical concepts, as well as at the ground plan of social and political changes.