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Czech Syntax Exercises

Class at Faculty of Arts |


1. Introduction to the valency theory and the way of working in the seminar. 2.

Two-level valency syntax, verb patterns in Czech (Daneš - Hlavsa, 1987) 3. Functional generative description (Panevová et al., 2020) 4.

Elementary sentence structures (Grepl - Karlík, 1998) 5. Collocation approach (Čermák, 2014) 6.

Valency dictionaries 7. Everyday communication 8.

Newspaper texts 9. Nexspaper textds 10.

Administrative texts 11. Scientific texts 12.

Scientific texts 13. Final test


The seminar is intended for non-native speakers of Czech.

The goal of the subject is to develop the knowledge of Czech verb valency. The basic notions of valency theory and valency dictionnaires available for Czech will be introduced in the first seminars. Practical work in the seminar will be based on the analysis of valency frames of verbs in various types of texts, using the valency dictionary Vallex and Czech synchronic corpus SYN2020 and dealing especially with the constructions that are not central with respect to the given lexeme.

Repeated enrolment in the course is allowed. Final test can be repeated.