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Theatre Performance as a Means of Teaching

Class at Faculty of Arts |


In the seminar we will address the following topics (program by weeks):

1. Dramatic text and its specifics in Czech

2. Interpretation of a dramatic text

3. Semantic and pragmatic side of the statement and the text

4. Properties of spoken speech

5. Speech interpretation of written text

6. Accent, intonation, phrasing, emphasis

7. Phonetic rules and orthoepy of Czech

8. Gesture, facial expressions

9. Stage movement

10. Acting interaction

11. Preparation of props, costumes

12. Work with props


The participants of the seminar study a play and record the performance on video or zoom.

Reference to the last four projects created in this seminar:

Franz Kafka: Dopis otci (filmová povídka)

Deník rychlého člověka

Balady z Kytice K.J. Erbena

Tři podoby B.Němcové