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Translation Exercises

Class at Faculty of Arts |


1) Introductory lesson (presentations, etc.).

2) Transibility, equivalence and adequacy of a translation.

3) Interpretation of a literary work, phases of translation process.

4) Writer-reader relationship, translator-reader relationship.

5) Translator´s focus on readers I.

6) Translator´s focus on readers II.

7) Translation issues (puns, translating facts from Czechs´life, translating proper names, etc.).

8) Translation issues (translating non-standard Czech, translating foreign language elements in literary texts, etc.).

9) Work with texts (styůization, word order, etc.).

10) Presentation of students translations  (including comments) I.

11) Presentation of students translations (including comments) II.

12) Comparison of different translation versions of the original.

13) Final lesson, revision.


Selected issues related to the theory and practice of the art of translation are addressed in the seminar in the form of lectures, presentations, discussions and work with individual texts.