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Selected Issues of Czech Culture and Literature in 20th Century

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The generation of lonely runners - direction and development of contemporary Czech literature: Czech literature after 1989.

Annotation: The development directions and tendencies of contemporary Czech literature (literature after 1989) have not yet been sufficiently described, explained and thought through. This topic is now offering even more. The course will therefore be focused on the reading and analysis of selected Czech authors, and will try to define certain literary-character typologies of contemporary literature, will try to find and name aspects that we could perhaps consider, if not common, then at least characteristic of contemporary literature and culture. But do these aspects exist? Is it even possible to think about any common tendency, any feature of contemporary Czech literature, which would dominate the work of individual contemporary authors? Or are we doomed to inhabit a literary field full of lone runners without any common denominator? The course will try to answer these questions and at the same time introduce foreign students to contemporary Czech literary work.