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The thematic areas for which sub-texts will be selected are presented below. In text selection, the initial choice of texts is left to the students. I.e. if students are currently reading professional linguistic texts, it is possible to discuss them directly in the seminar. If students do not have their own preferences, the texts will be selected during the first seminar. Thematic areas:

1. Purism, Prague functional structuralism;

2. Prague linguistic circle;

3. Theory of language culture;

4. The concept and role of literary Czech;

5. Standard - úzus - codification, role of úzus in the codification of the standard;

6. The (non)existence of colloquial Czech; contours and stratification of the Czech national language;

7. General Czech, common language;

8. Non-regulation of language versus interventionism;

9. Corpus linguistics;

10. Aspects of language development.


The course presents passages from important works of linguistic bohemian studies (book publications, periodicals, anthologies). They are selected both on the basis of their importance and contribution to the field, and with regard to their polemical character, so that they can become a relevant basis for professional discussion. The content of the seminar is partly predetermined, partly updated operatively with regard to the current situation in the field as well as the interest and focus of the audience. When analyzing texts, emphasis is placed on the factual side (deepening of knowledge about linguistic bohemianism), but above all on cultivating the listener's skill of critical approach and analysis of the text, on substantive argumentation, on taking a qualified position on the given issue.

For each seminar, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the specified text in advance.

Questions are provided for the texts, which facilitate basic orientation in the text and draw attention to the central ideas of the text.