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3, 4, 5 Czech Grammar - Selected Issues II B

Class at Faculty of Arts |

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1. Slovosled.

2. Skloňování substantiv

3. Přejatá substantiva

4. Adjektiva

5. Zájmena

6. Číslovky

7. Kontrolní test. Slovesa - systém tvarů

8. Slovesa - imperativ, pasivum

9. Slovesa - valence

10. Příslovce. Předložky

11. Spojky

12. Závěrečný test


The seminar focuses on current problems of Czech grammar, aiming at tendencies in Czech declension and conjugation, declension of loan words, gradation of adjectives and adverbs, forms of personal and possessive pronouns, declension of numerals, imperative, passive, valency of Czech verbs, adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions. The starting point of the discussion and exercices in the seminar will be a talk on an assigned topic.