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Czech for heritage language learners and for foreigners B2, C1

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Repeated entry allowed. The following information is not repeated in the syllabus below:

- Continuous homework assignments (mainly focused on Czech language) will be given and feedback will be given, 

- in each seminar, time will be given to:  1) speaking skills, mainly focused on discussion related to the areas listed in the syllabus below,  2) exercises related to problem areas from the Czech language. 

The specific implementation of the syllabus will be adapted to the language level of the students.   


Week 1: monitoring students' language level and areas to be emphasized in the following seminars

- specific profiles of the participants 

- recommended literature to study

- explanation of the principle of work, explanation of the homework 

- development of language skills: materials to determine language level  

Week 2-5: topic CULTURE 

- Čapek, Czech associations, cinemas and streaming platforms in the Czech Republic 

- on current news from the Czech Republic 

- development of language skills: 

Week 2: speech skill: reading comprehension 

Week 3: speech skill: listening comprehension

Week 4: Speech skill: writing  

Week 5: grammar (practicing complicated grammatical structures)  


- subtopics: gender studies (on excerpts from classic Czech literature), space (asteroid), atomic energy (Dukovany power plant)

- development of language skills: 

Week 6: speech skill: reading comprehension 

Week 7: speech skill: listening comprehension 

Week 8: speech skill: writing

Week 9: grammar (practicing complicated grammatical structures)  


- subtopics: official letter, complaint

- development of language skills: 

Week 9: speech skill: reading comprehension

Week 10: speech skill: listening comprehension

Week 11: Speaking skill: Writing  or focus on grammar practice (depending on the needs of the students in the group)  

Week 12: final seminar

- summary of findings

- test 

- revision of selected speech areas, focus on problematic speech skills  


The seminar is intended for students who are users of Czech as a heritage language and students from foreign universities (from various departments) whose level of Czech is at least B2 according to CEFR. The course is based on an individual approach to students, on systematic work to improve those language activities that students need to systematically develop and increase their skills - for the development of C1 level (according to the CEFR), an individual approach is essential.

For these reasons, the seminar is conducted exclusively in small groups. The work consists mainly of homework, tutorials and discussions on the problem areas that students face and which need to be looked at specifically (moreover, for users of an heritage language users, the language cannot be viewed as either from the perspective of teaching a foreign or first mother tongue).

Special materials will be prepared for the seminar, taking into account the needs of the students. Students will not be buying textbooks.