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Language of the area: Sumerian

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Description of the Course The course will introduce the language of the Sumerians, a population who lived in southern Mesopotamia in the third millennium BC. At the same time, the course will offer an introduction to cuneiform writing, the oldest writing system in history, and to Sumerian culture. Objectives and learning outcomes of the course: At the end of the course the student should have acquired competence in the reading of cuneiform texts in Sumerian; should have made progress in the reading, translation and interpretation of cuneiform texts. Course Material Texts and support material will be provided by the teacher during the lessons. As a reference book for the study of the grammar, it is recommended “Jagersma, B. (2010). A descriptive grammar of Sumerian,” Course schedule:

1. Introduction to the course (schedule and arrangement of the classes within the weekly program). Suggested materials, overview of the electronic sources.

2. What, where and when. Graphic rendering of Sumerian language and its history

3. Substantive: classes (primary and secondary substantives)

4. Substantive: nominal phrase and the plural

5. Substantive: genitival chain and cases

6. Substantive: copula and pronouns

7. Substantive: numbers

8. Verbal chain: finite verb and its structure, diathesis of the verb, dimensional prefixes

9. Verbal chain: causative sentence, prefix ba- and the passive

10. Verbal chain: ventive and negation

11.Verbal chain: imperative and impersonal forms of the verb

12.Syntax: coordination and subordination (relative, causative, temporal clause) exercises

14. in-class exercises

15. in-class exercises