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Approaches in phonology

Class at Faculty of Arts |


1. Classical phonological concepts; segmental and linear descriptions; Twaddell, Trubetzkoy, Jakobson, Chomsky, Halle.2. The fundamentals of the autosegmental approach - basic relationships, feature geometry, dependency phonologies, non-segmental phonology.

3. Constraint-based approaches to phonological description; constraints and underspecifications, markedness, Optimality Theory; Prince, Smolensky, Kiparsky.

4. Axioms of 'natural phonology'; processes and rules; Stamp, Dressler.


The course expands on the topics of Principles of Phonology I. Using the development of the discipline as a background, it shows differences among various phonological schools.

Emphasis is put on the ability to judge the suitability of a particular approach considering the objectives of the description and the properties of a given language.