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Time Consciousness; Contemporary Perspectives

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Time Consciousness; contemporary perspectives

(analytical and continental approaches)

The readings will consist of articles revolving around the issue of time consiousness and closely connected conceptual/logical and phenomenological (in broad sense) problems. These issues are directly relevant to the contemporary discussion within philosophy of mind (with close connection to metaphysics). The problems will be dealt with from the standpoint of both analytical and continental philosophical tradition. This approach may offer interesting perspective and indicate fruitful way to solutions of the discussed problems.

(Note: the reading list can be altered accordingly to the interest of readers but the general outline will be preserved.) 1. Nature and dimensions of the problem a.) Nature of change, continuous and discontinuous change b.) Cinematographic views versus variations of Specious Present Theory and Retention Theory c.) Logical incompatibility of simultaneity and succession d.) Necessary temporal structure of experience

Sean D. Kelly (2005). The Puzzle of Temporal Experience. In Andrew Brook (ed.),

( 2. Specious Present and Retention

Outline of contemporary discussion of the time consciousness and clarification of relevant issues. a.) Point of divergence between SPT and Retention Theories b.) Externality assumption - experience comes in atoms that need to be connected, unified c.) Spatialization of temporal aspects of experience d.) Validity of overlap model and problems it faces

Barry Dainton, Précis: Stream of consciousness,

Shaun Gallagher, Sync-Ing in the Stream of Experience Time-Consciousness in Broad, Husserl, and Dainton,

Dan Zahavi, Perception of Duration Presupposes Duration of Perception - or Does it? Husserl and Dainton on time,

( 3. Convergence of James' late period and Bergsonian duration a.) Interpenetration versus co-consciousness b.) Justification of dissociation of perception and memory c.) Questions of diachronic unity d.) Transitive and substantive parts of Stream of Consiousness

William James,A Pluralistic Universe, (

William James, Essays in Radical Empiricism, ( 4. The role of primary memory in time perception a.) unity of memory and perception (non-existence of demarcation line) b.) qualitative nature of change and time consiousness c.) Internal account of time consiousness (rejection of the Externality Assumption) d.) Primary memory and representational and non-representational accounts

Milic Capek (1950). Stream of Consciousness and "Duree Reelle". Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 10

(March):331-353, accessible through JSTOR

Milic Capek, Immediate and Mediate Memory, (

Alva Noë, Experience of the world in time, (

Stephen E Robbins, Virtual Action: O'Regan & NoN Meet Bergson, (


Stephen E. Robbins, Time, Form and the Limits of Qualia, (