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Patristics and Arabic Philosophy

Class at Faculty of Arts |


Part 1: Patristics

Doc. Václav Němec, Ph.D.

WS 2019/2020, Tuesday 14:10 - 15.45, J. Palacha 2, 217

This part of the course focuses on several important representatives of Latin and Greek patristics (Augustine, Boethius, Dionysius the Areopagite). It aims at showing how the authors of the patristic period adopted, developed and transformed the tradition of ancient philosophy, which they took to the service of their reflection and articulation of the Christian faith. Students will not only make the acquaintance of a part of the topics required for the exam in medieval philosophy, but also gain insight into some of the important issues of Western philosophy and into the continuity of philosophical traditions across the centuries. The course combines lectures and readings of selected passages from the texts of the above mentioned authors.