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Cogito, sum

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Rozpis společné výuky DSS&OŠ a seminářů OŠ (česká mutace) 17. 2. Úvodní hodina DSS&OŠ 24. 2. Mistři podezření: Marx, Nietzsche, Freud (DSS)

Četba: Ricoeur, Le conflit des interprétations [Conflict of interpretations], chap. « Herméneutique et la phénoménologie » 3.3.2021: Pragmatismus a Bergson (OŠ)

Bergson:  Čas a svoboda. O bezprostředních datech vědomí, kap. II, str. 49-80 10.3.2021: Husserl (DSS):

Husserl, Ideje I: §§ 28, 33-46 17.03.2021: Heidegger (OŠ)

Heidegger, Bytí a čas, §§ 61-64, str. 333-355.   24.03.2021: Sartre (DSS)

Sartre, Bytí a nicota – Úvod 7. 4.2021: Merleau-Ponty (OŠ)

Merleau-Ponty: Fenomenologie vnímání, kap. Cogito, druhá část, §§ 6-12 (str. 459-485). 14.04.2021: Ryle, Sellars (DSS)

Sellars, Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind: §§ X-XVI 21.04.2021: Patočka (OŠ)

Patočka, Co je existence?, in: Fenomenologické spisy II, Praha 2009, s. 335-366. 28.04.2021: Foucault, Empiricko-transcendentální dubleta & Techniky vlastního já (OŠ)

Foucault: The Order of Things, chapter. The man and his double, pp. 340-358 05.05.2021: eventuálně Ricoeur (OŠ&DSS?)

Ricoeur, O sobě samém jako jiném, „Předmluva. Otázka ipseity“, str. 9-35 12.05.2021: J. Derrida (DSS)

Derrida, The Animal that therefore I am / I follow: Chapter 4


Our course will allow us to revisit the notion of self-consciousness in its dependency upon bodily and intersubjective dimensions of our being-in-the world. We will explore various ways of questioning the Cartesian claim, according to which the self-certainty of one´s existence is to be grounded upon our capacity to fully reflect one´s own thoughts.

The transparency of consciousness to itself will be criticized from the perspective of the “masters of suspicion” (Marx, Nietzsche, Freud) as well as from the perspective of pragmatism and existential phenomenology. The self-certainty of “I think” will thus to be grounded on the “I exist”.

Such acknowledgment will reveal a certain tension between transcendental ambition of philosophy, whose aim is to uncover a priori conditions of thinking, and historical and social conditions of all such attempts to achieve self-transparency.