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Nicholas of Cusa, Compendium (Latin reading)

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The Compendium (1463/4) is one of the important works of Nicholas of Cusa, one of the greatest philosophical authors at the turn of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. While his most famous work, De docta ignorantia (On Learned Ignorance), belongs to the early period of the author's work, the Compendium is one of his late works. Here Nicholas of Cusa deals primarily with gnoseological issues, which had been at the forefront of his interest at least since his early treatise De conjecturis (On Conjectures).

The course does not presuppose a deep knowledge of Kusánsky's work, and a knowledge of Latin acquired from a basic course at FF UK or elsewhere should suffice. Its aim is both to deepen one's ability to read and understand Latin philosophical texts and to gain insight into the main thoughts and concepts of Cusa.