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Practical Philosophy B

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1. H. Kelsen, Ryzí nauka právní

2. H. Kelsen, Všeobecná teorie norem

3. G. Radbruch, Zákonné bezpráví a nad-zákonné právo

4. G. Radbruch, Filosofie práva

5. H. L. A. Hart, Pozitivismus a oddělení práva a morálky

6. H. L. A. Hart, Pojem práva

7. L. L. Fuller, Pozitivismus a věrnost právu

8. L. L. Fuller, Morálka práva

9. R. Dworkin, Když se práva berou vážně

10. W. Maihofer, Povaha věci

11. W. Maihofer, Přirozené právo jako existenciální právo


The course "Practical Philosophy B" is a complementary course to "Practical Philosophy A" and the students take it in the same academic year. In the academic year 2023-2024, its focus is on selected texts in the philosophy of law.

We will deal with several important representatives of the philosophy of law of the 20th century. The aim is to present in particular the most important views within the framework of modern discussions about the concept of law and about the sources of legitimacy of law, both in the Anglo-Saxon region and in Continental Europe.

We will read the texts of leading legal positivists (H. Kelsen, H.

L. A.

Hart) and other legal philosophers and theorists who more or less dissociate themselves from legal positivism, but at the same time search for new theoretical starting points as alternatives to traditional natural law theory, while often being inspired by modern philosophies (G. Radbruch, L.

L. Fuller, R.

Dworkin, W. Maihofer).

During the course, we will also see how modern philosophical concepts are used when thinking about the basic questions of the philosophy of law.