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Early - modern Philosophy A

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In the realization by doc. Palkoska (Tue 9:10-10:40am, room 217) the key authors of the so-called rationalist branch (Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz) will be treated, with emphasis laid upon the ontological topics. The course will mainly consist of lectures focusing on systematic problems, and of seminars in which the basic texts by the mentioned authors will be read.

The aim of the course of the modern philosophy by Jindřich Karásek is the introduction in the classical german philosophy. In this introduction will be presented the basic problems and argumentativ strategies as they were developed in the classical german philosophy which origin can be put in the year 1781 in which Kant´s Critique of Pure Reason was first published. In this book Kant does important changes in respect to the previous tradition of the modern philosophy and through this makes possible the philosophical reflections or systems of the classics of the so called german idealism. The cours consists in the introductory lectures and the following reading of the texts.