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Richard Rorty

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Předběžný rozpis probíraných textů: 1. Úvod 2.-3.  "Metaphilosophical Difficulties of Linguistic Philosophy", Introduction to The Linguistic Turn: Recent Essays in Philosophical Method, ed. Richard Rorty, 1-39.

Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1967. 4. "The World Well Lost." Journal of Philosophy 69:19 (October 26, 1972): 649-65. 5. Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature, Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1979. 6. "Pragmatism, Davidson, and Truth." In Truth and Interpretation: Perspectives on the Philosophy of Donald Davidson, ed.

E. LePore, 333-68.

Oxford: Blackwell, 1986. 7. "Non-Reductive Physicalism." In Theorie der Subjektivitat, ed. Konrad Cramer et al., 278-96.

Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp, 1987. [Initially appeared in Chinese translation in The Taiwanese Journal for Philosophy and History of Science.] 8. "Is Natural Science a Natural Kind?" In Construction and Constraint: The Shaping of Scientific Rationality, ed. E.

McMullin, 49-74. Notre Dame: Notre Dame University Press, 1988. 9.

Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1989. 10. "Inquiry as Recontextualization: An Anti-Dualist Account of Interpretation." In The Interpretive Turn, ed. James F.

Bohman, David R. Hiley, and Richard Shusterman, 59-80.

Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press, 1991. 11. "Putnam and the Relativist Menace." Journal of Philosophy 90:9 (September 1993): 443-461 [Previously published in French: see 1992m.] 12. "Is Truth a Goal of Inquiry? Davidson vs. Wright" [review article of Truth and Objectivity, by Crispin Wright].

Philosophical Quarterly 45:180 (July 1995): 281-300. 13. "The brain as hardware, culture as software." Inquiry 47:3 (June 2004): 219-235.

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V semináři bude probírán filosofický vývoj Richarda Rortyho (1931-2007) - filosofa, který byl jakýmsi 'enfant terrible' analytické filosofie, který analytickou filosofii tvrdě kritizoval, aniž ale tak docela opustil její rámec. Seminář bude probírat formou referátů účastníků a následných diskusí.