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Crisis Intervention

Class at Faculty of Arts |


Course syllabus:

• the concept of crisis, causes, typology and phases of the crisis, psychosomatic consequences of the crisis• coping with crisis, natural balancing strategies, self-help, lay aid, safety net• crisis intervention, principles, procedures, telephone and face-to-face crisis intervention• Transit crisis• development of sexual identity and crisis• traumatic crisis, acute stress response, post-traumatic stress disorder• suicide crisis, signals, risk factors, communication with clients, work with survivors• crisis intervention in abused and abused people, forms of abuse, consequences, possibilities of crisisintervention• crisis intervention in domestic violence, support of victim's self-confidence, possibilities of work, importance of safety.• crisis situations in women's lives and men's crisis situations• crisis intervention in seniors


The course focuses on clarifying and defining the possibilities of crisis interventions and problem solving. The content is the recognition, identification of problem and crisis situations, consideration of possible causes and consequences. Students are introduced to the concept of crisis intervention, its types, forms and principles.

It is allowed to fulfill the course in the next part of the study.

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