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Applied Social Psychology and its Methods

Class at Faculty of Arts |


Annotation: The course develops the skills of using knowledge of social psychology to solve various real social problems. It also clarifies the methods by which this can be achieved. When solving social problems, it is essential to first identify what behavior is causing the problem. Subsequently, it is necessary to review what factors influence the given behavior. These are often the attitudes and relevant social norms of the member group. That is why there are various (preventive) programs aimed at changing them. For this, it is necessary to become familiar with the intervention techniques that can be used to achieve the desired change. It is mostly about improving awareness of the potential risks and benefits of inter-individual, group and inter-group behavior or applied norms.

The procedures will be demonstrated in three main areas: 1. NBIC (nano, bio, info, cogno) technology and human enhancement, 2. intergroup and interethnic relations, and 3. changes in partnership and family constellations.