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Psychological Coaching

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The concept and development of (psychology) coaching Related procedures (mentoring, facilitation, psychotherapy) - similarities and differences Coaching fundamentals and competencies Contract theory The theory of goal setting Personality development, performance and work motivation Types, models and strategies of questioning Levels and development of listening Reflecting (repetition, summarization, paraphrasing, re-framing, amplifications, methods, experiments, etc.) Team communication and other factors affecting team performance  Effective feedback Approaches of psychological coaching Intervision and supervision (not only) in coaching


Coaching psychology is a discipline that is studied as a separate program at some foreign universities. Besides psychotherapy and counselling, coaching represents one of the basic services that psychologists can offer to their clients, especially as support in the effective achievement of goals in working life (performance coaching) and personal life (life coaching).

Knowledge of theoretical concepts related to psychological coaching, as well as the ability and skills to apply this knowledge in a real situation, will expand the competencies of future psychologists.