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Selected Chapters from Forensic Psychology

Class at Faculty of Arts |


Covered topics:

- Introduction - the different forensic psychological branches and their main tasks.

- Psychological consultancy and other services at the field of support of criminal investigation.

- Investigative procedures and its specificity for psychological consultancy.

- Analysis of a video for the purpose of psychological consultancy in forensic field.

- Detection of deception ? various procedures.

- Interviewing in investigation and its psychological aspects, investigative techniques.


The course focuses on forensic psychology as an applied psychological discipline. Students will learn about the structure of forensic psychology as a field and they will get information about different psychological branches and services, that are available. The current situation in Czech republic is compared to foreign experiences. The applied psychological services are linked to appropriate psychological theoretical background (e.g. social psychology - communication, general psychology

- perception, remembering, clinical psychology and others). The psychological point of view is connected with criminalistic information and procedures. Important part of the meetings is based on individual or group work on practical tasks (e.g. observation and discussion).

The course is taught in English!

The APSE00002 code of the subject is for the Erasmus students, Czech students are supposed to be subscribed under the code: APS300293