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Death in Buddhism

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Tematické okruhy:

Kosmologie buddhismu (význam smrti v kontextu znovuzrozování a karmanového zákona)

Buddhistická soteriologie (smrt jako klíčový moment)

Rituály smrti v současném buddhismu (Korea, Japonsko, Tibet)

Etické otázky dneška - sebevražda, euthanasie


The aim of the seminar is to acquaint students with the concept of death as viewed by various Buddhist traditions as well as to introduce the cosmological and soteriological aspects of Buddhist teaching through the concept of death. We will trace the development of the concept of death in relation to autochthonous traditions.

A significant part of the course will be the study of ritual or death rituals in various Buddhist traditions, especially in the current Korean tradition with an overlap to the Far East region and other Buddhist cultural areas.