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Key Concepts of Altenrative Spirituality

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Sylabus kurzu: 20.2. představení kurzu, podmínky zápočtu, diskuze nad tematickými okruhy 27.2.  5.3.


The course focuses on the examination of foundational theoretical texts concerning alternative spirituality (also referred to as the New Age movement or "ezo." in Czech).

It will introduce alternative spirituality as a "lived religion," emphasizing the absence of hierarchy or canonization of its fundamental literature. Additionally, the course will explore its relationship with science, or mainstream, official "knowledge" per se.

Given my intention to focus primarily on students encountering alternative spirituality in the process of composing their research papers and thesis, the course content is open to partial co-creation. Throughout the course, the content can be shaped based on the needs of the students. This may include materials addressing fundamental concepts of alternative spirituality such as "holism," "energy," notions of the "soul," or the connection between alternative spirituality and self-development, healing, environmentalism, or gender (e.g., femininity in alternative spirituality). However, the course also allows for the exploration of more specific articles on divinatory techniques (such as tarot and astrology) or currents (such as neo-shamanism and neo-paganism).