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Field Research in Ritual Studies

Class at Faculty of Arts |


This is a reading, online discussion, writing, and fieldwork course. Its aim is to assist you in learning methods for doing research and making presentations about ritual. You will practice interviewing, participating, observing, and documenting audiovisually. For 2013 the class will be doing fieldwork on the Velvet Carnival. You will be responsible for conducting research on some aspect of the event and writing scholarly article in English about it.

Beginning in October, we will meet online once a week for 2 hours. Since the course is taught in English and mainly online, you must have or quickly acquire tools for effective communication in this environment. During the fieldwork portion of the course (11-22 November), I will be in Prague, and we will have several face-to-face meetings. This period will be brief and intense, so please keep your schedule free from other major commitments then.