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A. J. Heschel´s Philosophy of Religion

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The work of Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907-1972) represents a branch of modern Jewish thought that is drawing on the Biblical, philosophical and Hasidic traditions, on the other hand it is involved in the problematic of modern Western society and of its global claims, and makes an effort of its own to contribute to their solution (fighting for minority rights, anti-war actions, interreligious dialogue). Heschel’s intellectual activities are usually considered in the framework of Conservative Judaism (Masorti Movement), his popularity, however, is permanently growing among Christian theologians as well as laics (similarly as in the case of Martin Buber).

That testifies to universal impact of his work, although he focuses primarily on the Jewish tradition. In the Czech milieu, Heschel is rather unknown, though the interest in him has been increasing recently.