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The Animal Turn and Buddhist World-Making

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The so-called Animal Turn describes the increasing interest in human-animal relations that has characterized scholarship in recent years. Among the most influential strands in its formation are French theory, science studies and the anthropology of small-scale societies. The aim of this course is to give an introduction into this field from the point of view of critical religious studies and to expand the questions that arise into the field of Buddhist studies. To theoretically engage the way Buddhists make worlds, materials will be drawn above all from Thai Buddhist sources. The sources will be ethnographic, historical and philosophical.

Some knowledge in contemporary critical theory is of advantage but not necessary. In case of excessive enrollment, preference will be given to religious studies students.

Active participation in class discussions will be the basis for graded evaluation. After the end of the semester there will be an oral examination for which you will have to write an abstract (as if for a conference) on the seminar theme. Further specifications will follow in class.