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Posthumanist Philosophy for Religious Studies II

Class at Faculty of Arts |


This weekly seminar will require regular readings and preparation. In class, exercises will focus on understanding the concepts and modes of thought in the readings and applying them creative ways.

Classes will be considerably dematerialized.


This class aims to think three posthumanist topics from within Deleuzian paradigms. The topics are the following: 1. non-reductive translation between worlds & ontologies; 2. the relation between art, evolution and experience as material emergence; 3. the intersection between feminism, technologies and contemporary theater and performance. A central problem that will be considered is the question of what differences theories and material objects enact in the constitution of realities.


Classes will be held in Czech.

ATTENTION: In case you are interested in the topic, but do not know the local language, please contact me via email and we will figure something out, most probably a parallel class. This is a pass/fail class.

This class requires no prior knowledge. Those well versed in critical discussions of the last decades however will be at an advantage.

Classes will be held here: