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Popculture As Mythology, Fandom As Religion

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Předběžný sylabus:1. Úvodní hodina2. Roland Barthes - Mýtus dnes3.

Mýtus dnes3. Umberto Eco - Skeptikové a těšitelé4.

Skeptikové a těšitelé5. A.K.

Petersen - The difference between religious narratives and fictional literature: a matter of degree only6. Henry Jenkins - Scribbling in the Margins: Fan Readers/Fan Writers 7.

Linden and Linden - Fan Tourism8. Joanne Mackellar - Fanatics, fans or just good fun? Travel behaviours and motivations of the fanatic9.

Joanne Mackellar - Dabblers, fans and fanatics: Exploring behavioural segmentation at a special-interest event10. C.A.Baker - Creative choices and fan practices in the transformation of theme park space


Looking at popculture and fandom through a religious studies lens and analysing the results.