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Sociology and Ideology

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• Lecture deals with the principles of ideology and manifestation of ideology in social discourse.

• Work with practical examples of ideological deformed texts is included (politics, marketing, public relations).

• Lecture is convenient for ERASMUS and other students interested in problematic of social sciences, social communication and text analysis.

Topics overview:

• Ideology conceptions, relationship between ideology and social reality, social mind and worldview

• Ideological conceptions in history, their conflicts

• The functioning of ideology in society, its manifestation

• Ideology, thinking and language. Language as a tool of ideology, ideology manifestation in text

• Text reproduction of ideology, process of the loss of the word´s meaning, process of spread of ideology in the social mind by the text

• Validity and Facticity in social discourse, intersubjectivity instead of objectivity, relative redundancy of objective truth