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Czech Republic: An Urban Perspective

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The aim of the course is combine knowledge from the fields of urban sociology, general sociology and urbanism in order to give students detailed insight into Czech urban situation. At the end of the course, they 1) will have a basic introduction to the field of urban sociology; 2) will be to understand how cities work from the sociological perspective and 2) will have information and knowledge about Czech cities that will help them to benefit from their time here in CR.

In the second part of the semester 1) a short commented film trip to smaller town nebo Prague is planned; 2) if possible a talk in class given by an urban professional (i.e. planner) and 3) students’ presentation focused on the comparison of the cities of their origin and Prague. The main output is a paper.

The paper will be discussed during semestr and gradually presented by the students in a short form of reports on their projects.