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Political Marketing

Class at Faculty of Arts |


• Lecture discloses the principles of political marketing and its usage in political discourse.

• Spot workshops with practical examples of political marketing in the Czech Republic and Russia.

• Lecture aims ERASMUS and other students interested in topics of social applied sciences, social communication and text analysis.

Topics overview:

• Ideology, mass communication, types of political discourse: democratic and totalitarian;

• Propaganda, ways of manipulation of public opinion;

• Politics as a marketing, politics in postmodern society, agenda setting;

• Development of oligarchic society, consumerization of political discourse;

• Language of marketing and language of propaganda, manifestation of ideology in propagandistic texts;

• Text reproduction of ideology by the political marketing;

• Creation of validity in political systems. literature : basic - presentation Political marketing.pptx next sources: at the end of presentation is full list of literature final exam at the end of semester: test, multiple choice questions, (max 100 points and standard erasmus evaluation grades) - for only credit - minimum 50 points. link to lectures LS2021