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Management and Organizational Behavior

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Course Mission and Objectives:

The effectiveness of organizations depends heavily on how organization manages its people. The success of an individual manager similarly depends on how he or she manages, interacts with, and relates to people. This course provides in-depth look at the people side of organizations. We will study how employees impact the effectiveness of their organization and how organizations and their managers impact the attitudes and behaviors of their employees. In this course you will learn how organizations can improve their effectiveness through better management of people and how individual managers can be more effective and successful in their careers.

The course has two basic objectives:

The first one is to provide you with frameworks for understanding critical issues related to organizational behavior and understanding of how to apply those frameworks. The second one is to help you identify how you yourself can be more effective in organizational settings. To accomplish course objectives we will rely on a variety of activities.

Learning will be interactive; each session will require your active participation.

Course Overview:

As a general approach, I assume that the opportunity and responsibility for learning are in your hands. How successful you will be in this course is significantly affected by your activity and pro-activity in our learning community. We will achieve the course goals through reading, cases, exercises, role-plays, analytical discussions and presentations. The structure of the class will be highly interactive. To make this happen, each student must participate in the class activities. Extensive preparation, analysis and discussions will help you understand the major topics and issues.

Session Hours Topic Note

Oct 9 2 Introduction to MOB

 Overview of Management

 Managerial Roles

Oct 16 Foundations of Individual Behavior

 Values, Attitudes, Perceptions

 Foundations of Research Methodology applied to OB

Oct 23 2 Motivation at work

 Content and Process Theories of Motivation ONLINE

Oct 30 2 Motivation: From Concepts to Applications (Job Characteristics Model, Performance Appraisal) ONLINE

Nov 6 2 Communication in Organizations

 Communication process and channels

 Communication Networks

 Cross-cultural communication

Nov 13 2 Conflict Management

 Types and Levels of Conflicts

 Key communication techniques

Nov 20 2 Groups and Teams

 Group Dynamics

 Teams, types of teams

 Belbin’s roles in a Team

 Building Effective team

Nov 27 2 Enhancing Group/Team effectiveness

 Group decision making

 Techniques of facilitating group decision making MIDTERM test

Dec 4 2 Foundations of Change Management

 Key principles of Organizational Change

 Readiness for Change

 Stakeholders management LATEST DEADLINE:

Submit HBS Case Analysis:

Bernd Sterzel at the IVth Medizinische Klinik

Dec 11 2 Organizational Design – Org. Structure and Culture

 Managing Global Organizations

 Cross-cultural Mgmt.

 National Cultures

Dec 18 4 Stress Management at Work place

 Delegating

 Coping with Stress

 Burn out

Jan 8 3 Final Project Presentations