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Sociology of Science and Technology

Class at Faculty of Arts |


- An introduction to the sociology of science and technology 

- The historical origins of scientific institutions

- Science as a system of social exchanges

- Scientific practises in the laboratory and the field

- The social construction of science and technology  

- Gender, race, and identity in science and technology

- Governments, experts, and science and technology policies

- Science’s public and cultural understanding

- Contemporary fraud and controversies in science

- Emerging technologies and their social implications


The course analyses the social dimensions of scientific and technological activities in contemporary societies. It examines how social forces such as politics, economics and culture shape scientific and technological innovation.

It draws on sociological theories and empirical findings. It shows how science and technology operate through specific institutions and norms in universities, government and private firms.

It also shows how science and technology function as a social system of exchange and how they are socially constructed. It considers the role of government and experts in relation to gender, race and identity.

Finally, the course presents case studies on controversial issues such as biotechnology, vaccination, climate change and artificial intelligence, among others.