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Stomatology for students of general medicine


Classification of stomatology (dentistry)

Marking of teeth and dental surfaces

Stomatological examination

Development and eruption of teeth

Pediatric stomatology

Neonatal period

Infants and toddlers

Pre-school period and later childhood


Uncooperating children

Restorative (conservative) dentistry

Diseases of hard dental tissues

Pulpal pathosis

Periapical pathosis

Periodontal diseases

Etiology and pathogenesis

Classifacation of the periodontal diseases

Prevention and therapy of periodontal diseases

Diseases of the oral mucous membrane

Fundamental introduction to the etiology of diseases of the oral mucous membrane

Selected disorders of the oral mucous membrane, diagnosis therapy

Basics of dento-alveolar surgery

Anaesthesia, analgesia and sedation in oral surgery

Teeth extractions

Complicated eruption of the third molars – dentitio difficilis, pericoronitis


Dento-facial infections

Diseases of the cervico-facial lymphatic glands

Ostitis and osteomyelitis of the jaw

Actinomycosis cervicofacialis

Odontogenic fistula

Cysts and cyst-like lesions in orofacial region

Surgical therapy of complications of caries

Salivary glands diseases

Dental implants

Head injuries – injuries of the face, teeth and jaws

Introduction, aetiology of fractures, classification

Clinical examination

X-ray examination of the facial skeleton

Complications of maxillofacial trauma

First aid in trauma of the face

Tepmorary fixation of the fractured bones and covering of open wounds

Soft tissue injuries in the face and head

Dentoalveolar injuries

Bony injuries of the maxillofacial region

Healing of fractures

General principles of fracture treatment – reduction, fixation and immobilization

Methods of osteosynthesis – surgical treatment of maxillofacial fractures

Mandibular injuries – fractures, dislocation of condyles

Injuries of the TMJ and fractures of the condyle and condylar neck

Midface (maxillary) fractures, classification

Features of fracture treatment in childhood

Tumours of the head and the neck

General oncology

Special oncology

Dental prosthetics

Definition of prosthetics

Fixed prosthodontics

Partial removable dentures

Complete dentures


Etiology of orthodontic anomalies


Classification of orthodontic anomalies

Orthodontic therapy

Dental treatment in compromised patients

Allergic reactions

Cardiovascular complications


Enhanced susceptibility to infection and the immunosuppressive treatment

Impaired wound healing

Attack states

Risk of the transmission of viral infections between the patient and the dental staff

Other risks in compromised patients

Oncologic patients

Orofacial pain of nonmasticatory origin

Atypical facial pain

Trigeminal neuralgia

Glossopharyngeal neuralgia

Giant cell arteritis (temporal arteritis)

Periodic migrainous neuralgia (cluster headache)

Temporomandibular disorders

Odontogenic metastatic infection


Stomatology for the students of general medicine

Classification of dentistry

Marking of teeth, eruption of teeth

Stomatological examination

Basics of pediatric stomatology

Dental caries - etiology, prevention, treatment

Periodontal diseases - classification, treatment and prevention

Selected diseases of oral mucous membrane

Basics of dento - alveolar surgery

Basics of oral traumatology

Basics of oral oncology

Basics of dental prosthetics

Basics of orthodontics

Dental treatment in compromised patients

Orofacial pain - diagnostics

Odontogenic metastatic infection