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Pediatric Dentistry I

Class at Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen |


Subject and tasks of paediatric dentistry. Dental examination of child.

Anatomy of deciduous teeth. Teeth eruption, complications. X-rays examination in paediatric dentistry. Basic communication with children, psychoprophylaxis.

Pain control in paediatric dentistry. Treatment of children under general anesthesia. Deciduous teeth caries. Premature loss of deciduous teeth and its importance.Restorative dentistry in childhood.

Restorative materials in paediatric dentistry.

Tooth extractions in children, indications, contraindications, complications. Teeth injuries in children.

Prosthetic and therapeutical appliances in childhood.. Treatment of teeth with unfinished development.

Surgical procedures in paediatric dentistry.

Parodonthopathies in children, diseases of oral mucosa in children.

Diseases of lymphatic nodi in orofacial region in children.

Swellings and asymetries in children - differential diagnosis.

Disturbances in teeth development.

Child neglection syndrom. Treatment of HIV + children. Practical interpretation of x-ray pictures.