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Preclinical Dentistry III

Class at Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové |


Subject Preclinical Dentistry III (FD10022) is substituted by subject Preclinical Dentistry III (FDP022) with the content of these lectures, practical courses and literature:


Introduction to prosthodontics. (Vavrickova 3)

Dental defects classification. Abutment teeth classification, biological factor. (Vavrickova 3)

Inlays, crowns, fixed bridges - indications, types. (Vavrickova 3)

Principles of tooth preparation in prosthodontics, armamentarium in prosthodontics. (Vavrickova 3)

Removable dentures - indications, types. (Vavrickova 3)

Definition and task of oral and maxillofacial surgery. Terminology in oral surgery. (Kunderova 3)

Instruments in exodontia - levers, forceps. Instruments in oral surgery. (Kunderova 3)

Intraalveolar tooth extraction. Transalveolar tooth extraction. (Kunderova 3)

Principles of activity in oral surgery room. Sutures of the wound in the oral cavity. (Kunderova 3)

Local anaesthesia in dentistry. (Kunderova 3)

Practical courses & seminars


Martina Kunderova, MDDr.

Lenka Vavrickova, M.D., Ph.D.

 Practical courses

All-ceramic inlay - molar 36 preparation.

Esthetic veneer - 11 preparation (short wrapping).

Esthetic veneer - 21 preparation (long wrapping).

All-cast onlay - premolar 24 preparation.

All-ceramic onlay - molar 46 preparation.

All-cast full veneer crown - molar 26 preparation, gingiva retraction.

PFM crown - incisor 11 preparation, test No. 1

All-ceramic crown - canine 13 preparation.

Combined crown - premolar 24 preparation.

All-resin crown - premolar 34 preparation.

Combined crown - canine 23 preparation.

All-ceramic bridge 14-16 preparation.

PFM bridge 43-45-47 preparation.

Post and core preparation, test No. 2.

Post and core wax pattern shaping tooth 21 (FRC + composite).

Post and core wax pattern shaping tooth 26 (prefabricates + resin).

Suture technique. Extraction technique - exercises.

Technique of the local anaesthesia - exercise.

Practical exam.



Basics of the prosthetic dentistry by fixed and removable prostheses. Basic of the local anaesthesia and minor oral surgery.